After years of trying to find an investment advisor to use to manage my IRA. I found the 3 prior used worked for themselves or the company they worked for. But in May 2018 I signed up with HD Money (called Vimvest back then) and gave them 40% of my IRA and managed the 60% myself. My goal was to find an investment advisor who I am comfortable with as if I pass away before my wife, she will need a trusted advisor. After finding I did well using AAII to select stocks, they did better than I. So, in February 2021 I had them manage all of my IRA and two other portfolios. With the market going down in 2022 I found they managed my loss at a much better decrease. And bottom line, HD Money works for me! And they are doing a very good job handling my investments. They are a FAMILY run business who clearly care about the families they work for!