Firstly, I’m thrilled to be with HD Money, and here’s why: Ever since my previous investor of 30 years passed away, finding someone to trust with my finances has been a huge concern.

Now, I’m pleased to tell you we’re 100 percent invested in HD Money! Seeing your values in business, investing, as a person, and with family, my wife Marie and I knew this would be a perfect match.
As a Church organist for 43 years, one important item stood out to me. When I saw the plaque that said “JESUS,” I knew I was in the right place.

Everyone was warm and professional throughout the process. Lindsey helped with the initial information and set us up with Charles Schwab.

Gabe has been more insightful than we could have imagined as an investment advisor. Marie and I have a clear understanding of our investments and appreciate that he’s guided by the same principles we are.

It’s obvious that Mark has years and years of irreplaceable experience—something you can’t just get from a book.
We also saw Stuart at the Wine & Wisdom events, who impresses me every time I listen to him.

And of course, Sara, who remembered our names and greeted us warmly from the very start. We know that at HD Money, we’re not just a number, we’re a part of a family.