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As a dedicated advisory firm, HD Money has garnered a great amount of support in our clients, both long and short-term. Our top-notch professionalism, trustworthiness, and supportive atmosphere make us the go-to for comprehensive and qualified financial advice in the Sarasota and St. Petersburg areas. But don’t take our word for it – keep reading to see what our clients have to say about us.

February 2023

Thank you

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Thank you, Stuart! That video did a lot to relieve my anxiety and I agree wholeheartedly with your analysis of the present situation, scary as it is. I have been with HD Money for several years and have never been misled by your advice.

Appreciate your expertise

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Stuart, excellent presentation and to give reassurance that you all are staying on top of our investments. You have assured us that if the market dropped 10 percent that you would sell and to buy when the stocks are very low. As the old saying goes. ”buy low” especially if you are applying smart excellent stocks. I appreciate your expertise to guide us through the challenges that awaits us each day. As always, My Best regards to you and the Staff.

Love your updates

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Love your updates, they always re-enforce my confidence in HD Money!

highly recommend

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I highly recommend HD Money for portfolio management. Their strategic and analytical thinking generates a lot of possibilities, whose benefits and risks they thoroughly explained. They genuinely listened and strived to completely comprehend our long-term goals, assisting us in developing a strategy to optimize our assets.

Exceeded my expectations

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Working with HD Money was great for me because I needed a comprehensive analysis of my finances, investment strategy, and debt management.

They exceeded my expectations by locating and bringing in a second professional for my specific circumstance, all for a very fair charge.

Super easy to work with

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A friend recommended this firm to me. HD Money was so helpful, prompt and super easy to work with. I had very little knowledge of what I was looking for, and they explained the different options and opportunities for me. I had a great time dealing with them since they are really personable, honest, and easy to work with.

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