Coffee-Lovers' Events in 2023 HD Money

All the macchiato, cappuccino, and espresso lovers know how a sip of coffee easily brightens up your day. Whether you take yours caffeinated or buzz-free, black or milky, sugar-free or candy-sweet, you are a certified coffee enthusiast, and you might be excited to know that 2023 is the year for coffee lovers to come together! Being retired, this is your time to travel across the country and globe, experiencing different aromas and brews of coffee at these upcoming events:

The London Coffee Festival: April 20th– 23rd

Taking place in the heart of vibrant London, the London Coffee Festival brings together coffee lovers and professionals, offering an enriching three days of java-infused fun. It entails interactive workshops, artisan coffee and coffee cocktail stalls, as well as food stands, live music, and art exhibitions. Apart from the excitement, it’s also an opportunity for you to be outdoors.1

Specialty Coffee Expo: April 21st– 23rd 

If London is too far, then the Specialty Coffee Expo in Portland, Oregon is for you. With a successful history of over 30 years, the expo returns in 2023 with over 400 companies exhibiting their best and latest coffee products and new technologies. The expo brings together professionals such as roasters, retailers, tasters, and you, the audience, to interact and exchange value and coffee-full conversions. This could also serve as a networking event, especially if you want to open your own coffee shop in retirement.2

World Outdoor Barista Championship: September 1st – 3rd

There’s nothing as thrilling as seeing passionate coffeemakers compete over unplugged coffee. Taking place in Silke Borg, Denmark, this competition brings teams together to showcase how to make good coffee in remote areas or on the go. They use small tools called operators and produce fresh cups of coffee with limited resources, showing the versatility and craft of coffeemaking. The competition will take place in four main categories: Espresso, Café Latte, Americano, and Free Style.3

Taiwan International Coffee Show: November 17th – 20th

This exhibition is a collaborative effort of multiple coffee associations bringing over 500 exhibitors from across the world. Apart from coffee stands and innovation displays, the show has 3 competitions in latte art, coffee and alcohol drink making, and coffee-bean roasting. The event will be lively with Taiwanese cultural displays with a touch of international blends. This is also a great opportunity to travel and experience warm weather, blue oceans, and white-sand beaches and escape the winter.4

There has been no better time to be a coffee enthusiast. With all these exhibitions and travels, retired life will be joyous and exciting. To ensure you are financially set to take on all this fun, talk to us today to receive a complimentary review of your finances.