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The Basics of The SECURE Act 2.0

Congress passed the second installment of the SECURE Act under the Omnibus Spending bill of 2023, containing major changes to the retirement planning landscape.

In the past, retirees could typically rely on a pension and Social Security benefits and pensions for the rest of their lives. But today’s retirees are part of the first generation that often must fund their own retirement. Even for those who have saved diligently over many years, the threat of outliving one’s money is legitimate. Lawmakers recognized the changing needs of today’s retirees, and passed the SECURE ACT in 2019, and now the SECURE Act 2.0 in the final days of 2022.

2023 Tax Planning Guide

After a tumultuous 2022, filing your taxes this year could be complicated. Maybe you stopped working, realized investment losses, created an estate plan, or went from itemizing to claiming the standard deduction or vice versa. There are many factors that can impact whether your taxes will increase and whether you need to rethink your tax strategy.

Millionaire Next Door Guide

You may not think of your family as incredibly wealthy, but America is full of ‘millionaires next door.’ Financial Advisors are not just for movie stars and CEOs. They work with countless ‘millionaires next door’ each year. You’ve worked hard and saved for retirement, and now the question is how you’ll make it last for the rest of your life while maintaining the lifestyle you want.

Legacy and Estate Planning Guide

Estate planning is a function of preparing for the inevitabilities of life. People get sick or hurt and you need a plan in place to determine what kind of medical care you’ll receive if this happens to you. People become incapacitated, unable to make important decisions on their own, or unable to live independently. And of course, people die. Estate planning helps to protect your family and your assets in any of these unfortunate situations.

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