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We Believe in Market

We build globally diversified portfolios that leverage the market’s efficiency rather than guessing at pockets of short-term, unpredictable trends.

We Believe in Efficient Risk

We build portfolios that seek to achieve the “efficient frontier.” Our goal is to never take on more risk for less reward.

We Believe in Lifetime Income

We work with every unique situation to discover the right amount of money to shield from volatility, while simultaneously maximizing growth.

5 Questions To Ask

Before You Invest

While these five questions are not the only questions one should ask, they provide an excellent starting point. HD Money can assist in making investment decisions that align with your goals and values. As investments advisors, we place your needs ahead of our own. We offer professional guidance and expert advice, which can lead to informed and confident investment decisions. Ask yourself the following questions before your next investment.

How much will this investment cost externally and internally in a percentage?

It is essential to understand all the expenses associated with every investment, not just the advisor cost.

How much will this investment cost externally and internally in a dollar amount?

Understanding the dollar amount of an investment’s internal and external costs is crucial. For example, if you’re informed that the total internal/external cost is 1.5% and the account value is $1,500,000, the overall cost amounts to $22,500. Hearing the actual dollar amount can be more impactful than just hearing the percentage. In fact, when informing potential clients about the total cost of their current investment strategies, I’ve seen some individuals shocked at the dollar amount, resulting in a bigger impression than just hearing the percentage alone.

How did this investment perform in 2008-2009?

Having a clear understanding of the potential risks of an investment is crucial before making any investment decisions. This way, we can avoid being caught off guard by the investment’s performance. The 2008-2009 period in the markets was particularly surprising for many investors. I have observed that while investors typically welcome positive surprises, they generally do not appreciate negative surprises, particularly if they are relying on the investment as a source of income.

What are the tax implications of this investment and how could it affect the rest of my tax picture?

Investors may overlook the tax implications of their investments, which can result in them losing money in various ways, such as entering higher tax brackets or paying more in taxes on Social Security and surcharges on Medicare (IRMAA). Therefore, it’s crucial to understand the tax implications of an investment beforehand and plan accordingly to avoid any negative impact on their finances.

What’s the liquidity of this investment?

Before making any investment, it’s crucial to consider potential liquidity constraints that may arise with certain investments. Nothing is more disappointing than investing your hard-earned money and discovering that you cannot access it when you need it. To avoid such situations, investors can organize their investments into different buckets with various strategies to meet their immediate, future, and estate needs. This way, they can plan for their financial goals and ensure that they have access to their funds as needed.

Core Values

At HD Money we have four core values that we believe are key to building the smart investor’s retirement plan.



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