Retirement Planning

2 Ways to Take Care of Debt in Retirement

The unfortunate reality is that many Americans are now headed into retirement with some amount of debt.[1] In 2016, almost 61% of Americans were moving into the retirement stage of their life with unpaid debt.[1] And while you may think that your expenses will decrease once you retire, that isn’t always the case.[1] Sometimes, your [...]

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Understanding Your Savings Goal – How Much Do You Really Need to Retire?

“How much do I need to retire?” This is one of the most frequently asked questions in the world of retirement finance. If you don’t have a lot of retirement planning experience, it can also be a tough question to answer. This article will hopefully give you some sense of where you might want to [...]

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Defined-Benefit vs. Defined-Contribution Plans

The following two types of retirement savings methods may sound similar, but there are a lot of important differences that might be useful for you to know if you’re looking to get a better understanding of what retirement might look like for you. Defined-Benefit Let’s start with a defined-benefit plan. These types of plans commonly [...]

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Retirement Tax Strategies to Consider

How you handle taxes and when you are taxed are two of the most important factors when it comes to retirement planning. If you are putting together the puzzle pieces of your retirement plan and you are curious about some strategies related to taxes and retirement, here are some possible options: Consider a Roth IRA [...]

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Using Your House to Fund Your Retirement

It is possible for a person to end up in a situation where they have a lot of money in a home but don’t have a lot of money in the bank. If you have been paying off your mortgage for years, your equity in the home could amount to a lot of money. But [...]

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Thinking About Retirement? The Basics of Financial Literacy Are Your North Star

Working towards retirement, you may have a detailed plan on how to manage your finances so that you have enough saved by the time you leave the workforce. With no external income coming in, there will be a new rulebook on how to manage your retirement earnings, expenses, and investments – not just so that [...]

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Turning 59.5 This New Year? Here’s What You Need to Know

Approaching 60 is an exciting time. Not only does it come with more wisdom and thrill for a new chapter of life, but it also presents important financial decisions that can affect your life in retirement. If you are turning 59.5 this year, you will become eligible to withdraw from your retirement accounts without penalty. [...]

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2 Ways the 2022 Economic Woes Affected Your Retirement Accounts

The 2022 economic climate has been bumpy for most, and in some cases even bumpier for retirees. Americans and the world at large dealt with the economic ramifications of the Russia-Ukraine war, post-pandemic industrial effects, and rising inflation and interest rates. As the year ends, it is important to understand how these factors affected your [...]

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